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background checks in eyecare

The Importance of Background Checks in Eyecare Hiring

Trust and reliability are fundamental virtues. Building and maintaining a reputable practice hinges on hiring individuals with the right qualifications and character. The recent incident just down the street, where a front desk employee caused a shocking loss of $44,000, underscores the critical importance of

pygmalion effect

The Pygmalion Effect: Empowering Success in Eyecare

The Pygmalion Effect, also known as the Rosenthal Effect, is an intriguing phenomenon in which an individual's performance is shaped by the expectations of those around them. It can have powerful implications in any field, and the eyecare industry is no exception. In this blog

eyecare job description

How to write an effective eyecare job description

The dreaded job description. Sometimes seen as a necessary evil for hiring, the job description is actually a vital part of the process—and it doesn’t have to be a painful one, either. Your eyecare job description serves as the foundation of your hiring and provides

An employer brand is one of the most discussed topics among business leaders—and its importance spans far beyond LinkedIn.  

Creating and Implementing a Great Employer Brand

Employer branding is a type of marketing that showcases your company and the employment experience in its entirety. It’s also one of the most discussed topics among business leaders—and its importance spans far beyond LinkedIn.   That’s right, employer branding is far more than a buzzword-y business

2023 Eye Care Hiring Trends: What You Need to Know

2023 Hiring Trends: What You Need to Know

How do you plan to handle hiring in 2023? You’re probably already considering this question—and if you aren’t, you should start—but planning for an entire year, especially when a recession may be imminent, can be tough. Among other questions, you may be wondering:  What will the

hybrid work work from home

Reevaluating Your Pay Model in a New Era of Hybrid Work

You’ve probably heard it a million times: COVID-19 has changed how we work, where we work and our processes for hiring. After nearly three years of seismic shifts, we’re still raising questions especially when it comes to hybrid work.   Can you pay your employees less