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How to Overcome Disengagement

Are you feeling disengaged in your job? You’re not alone! According to a Gallup poll, eighty-five percent of employees feel either unengaged or actively disengaged. Many eyecare professionals struggle to stay motivated and passionate about their work, leading to feelings of apathy or disinterest. Fortunately, there


The Importance of Networking in Your Job Search

Networking is an invaluable tool when it comes to searching for a job and advancing your career. It can help you find opportunities you may not have known about, connect with people in the industry and give you insight into the job market. In the

personal resilience

Personal Resilience: Developing the Foundation

Our working lives are undergoing organizational changes constantly. From remote/hybrid work, burnout and a skill shortage, we are consistently faced with new challenges and building personal resilience is more important than ever.   Building your resilience at work is a great way of decluttering your mental space