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About imatters


Meet CEO & Founder Charisse Toale

Starting from the moment I walked into an Optometry practice 30 years ago I have dedicated my career to being a trailblazing, enthusiastic contributor the eye care field. I love eye care!

As the founder and CEO of imatters I approach every client and candidate with a deeply personal connection because I’ve walked the walk in their shoes. From roles in the front desk, as an optician, ophthalmic technician, administrator, and eye care sales representative, I have obtained certifications in each area and won awards for excellence in sales and customer support from top vendors including Silhouette, Marchon, and Essilor. Throughout my eye care career I have had the pleasure of working on amazing teams researching technology that improves our life including Transitions lenses, Essilor products, and as a production team member for Calvin Klein, Mossino and Hugo Boss.

Want to know a secret? I never expected to become a recruiter. While working I continued my education and achieved a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a Global Footprint (MBA). After completing my MBA, I went in search of professional career assistance and found recruiters did not understand how to help me navigate my desired career path in the eye care industry. Their approach was too general, they lacked the ability to speak with the necessary depth of knowledge of my skill sets to hiring managers, and were indiscrete with my information. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my boss about my search! That was a pivotal point for me and I knew I could help solve the problem for other eye care professionals.

After becoming a certified recruiter, imatters was launched in 2003, grew rapidly, and continued to expand from a local agency to a national recruitment provider within four years. As the needs of our clients have grown along with us, we continue to add new subspecialties, now boasting the ability to fill positions from a COO to a front desk specialist. We proudly place nurses, sales representatives, surgical technicians, boutique opticians, administrators, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and more throughout the entire United States.

Still committed as ever to the eye care community, I actively participate in local and national speaking events to further the conversation about staffing excellence in our field. imatters and I have been honored to be the only recruiter invited to be a member of the think tank The Vision Council.  With this role, I participate in creating education for eye care members as well as the patients you serve. I continue my certifications as an Optician and Contact lens specialist and maintain memberships with the American Staffing Association and other associations in eye care to keep apprised of new developments and best practices.

On behalf of my entire team, we thank you for trusting us with your placements and searches. Our greatest accomplishments are the calls, emails, and notes thanking imatters for helping others achieve their goals. How can we help you dream big?