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Employer FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from employers.

How is matters different than other recruiting companies?

Traditional “post and wait” simple recruitment methods are not effective in the specialized eye care industry. With 80% of eye industry professionals already working, imatters employs a multifaceted approach with skilled staff recruiting passive eye care professionals while simultaneously promoting a job board that reaches over 1,000 locations. In addition to our in-bound applications we deliver candidates that would never apply to an unknown public listing to deliver the best candidates in the entire United States.

What quality standards set imatters apart from other recruiters?

imatters partners with vetted, stable practices that invest in their employees to help them continue to grow—typically the top 20% of eye care industry employers in the US. Our success rate is attributed to the fact that both our employers and candidates share a mutual interest in promoting healthy work environments, ongoing learning, and career advancement.

How is imatters database full of so many uniquely qualified candidates?

imatter's list is proprietary and has been built over the years through trade shows, networking, and partnerships with professional organizations since 2003. We are personally connected to professionals through our careers as opticians, technicians, photographers, sales reps, and administrators and have become the trusted source for top candidates though our reputation. We offer clients the full resources of our database of over 150,000 vetted eye care professionals as well as our preferred relationships with over 1,500 industry and national job board vendors.

Recruiting seems pretty simple with all of the job boards out there. Can I just recruit on my own?

Non-recruiters are typically only able to engage active candidates that are out of work and actively sending their resumes, leaving a whole pool of talented, currently-employed candidates out of the potential pool. Making it tougher, many industry boards are inaccessible to non-recruiters without a preferred relationship. Throw in compliance and regulatory concerns, responsibilities for your own role, and the time-consuming tasks of the recruitment process and the “simple” way doesn’t look quite as attractive. imatters is here to expertly complete your recruiting needs from start to finish so you can concentrate on what you love best.

How much does it cost to engage matters for eye care recruiting services?

From lower budget job board advertising to fully-retained recruiting services we offer solutions for nearly all budgets. Call imatters for a complimentary recruitment consultation. Our eye care recruiting experts will evaluate your unique needs and provide recommendations of services with competitive pricing with a boutique experience each and every time.

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