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Eye Care Recruiting

imatters recruits for all professional eye care positions with the largest database of eye care professionals in the industry.

Partnering with imatters means peace of mind that expert help is just a call away. Whether your vacancy is unplanned or a proactive strategic shift, the imatters team of eye care recruiting specialists is ready to tailor a solution for your unique needs. Get started with a recruitment partner that is transparent, communicates well, and takes the stress out of the hiring process.

Have a detailed job description with technical skill sets and requirements, but are having a hard time defining the “soft” and “people” skills you really need? You’re not alone. We understand that your ideal candidate is more than someone who can check off a few criteria boxes—you deserve an all-star—but finding diamond in the rough is tough and time consuming. We’re here to help!


With decades of eye care recruitment experience, we are proud to have returned an overall success rate of 97%! No one else in eye care has the trust of passive candidates like imatters and we’ve worked hard to earn it. imatters respects our candidates confidentiality which allows them the opportunity to engage with us as opportunities are presented without risk to their current position. Our recruiting clients win with access to the largest group of pre-vetted eye-care professionals and our candidates rest easy knowing their privacy is secure.


No company’s needs are exactly alike so we have a range of services scalable to the needs of your business. From white-glove Concierge Recruiting where we handle the entire process to Partnered Recruiting where we help fill in the extra help you may need, to Retained Search for your highest priority talent needs, you’re working with recruitment professionals who are empowered and trained to do what’s best for your business. No big corporate rule books here—we’re real people with an agile approach. Are you handling the recruiting process yourself and need access to more qualified candidates? We offer bundled and stand-alone Advertising Services to fit your needs.


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Our most comprehensive offering with our full breadth of services. Wouldn’t it be great if your recruiting partner could set up the interview calls for you? We do!

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We partner with you to customize a suite of services tailored to your needs and budget. Get a complimentary custom quote today!

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With over 160,000 ECPs in the imatters network combined with our bundled advertising campaign, start seeing resumes in your inbox within 24 hours!

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Getting started with imatters is easy. In a 15-20 minute phone call we’ll review your needs, then within a few hours you will have a proposal in your email specific to the position with written terms including fees.

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Our Promise

We know that putting your trust in an outside firm can feel like letting go of control, but we’re here to ease your mind with a few unique features. Each placement with imatters comes with a written “Confirmation of Offer” for the candidate and employer that details the job description and skill set match for two-way acknowledgment that expectations are aligned. In addition, we establish a Performance Profile for each new placement that outlines the candidate’s success metrics from day one to set both parties up to achieve measurable results. Finally, because each candidate is vetted prior to being presented to a potential employer, we have backup candidates in place to shorten replacement time and save costs should a candidate not work out.

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