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Creating a Search Process Unique to You: Part Two

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Creating a Search Process Unique to You: Part Two

Throughout our entire history, imatters has remained committed to providing long-lasting talent solutions to the eye care community. However, we’ve noticed many ophthalmology and optometry recruitment firms practiced a more general approach, leaving behind a broad lack of knowledge and depth. We knew this was a problem we could help solve.

Throughout this four-part series on imatters search offerings, we’ll examine how imatters improves upon the three traditional search models and creates a process that is unique to you.

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Part two of this series offers you the opportunity to better understand imatters’ retained recruiting model and what makes our organization and our eye care and optometry recruitment truly one of a kind.

How imatters improves upon retained recruiting

No matter the search offering or role you’re seeking to fill, our eye care recruitment process is unique. No one client is treated exactly the same because no one client is the same.

We offer full-service retained recruitment—think of it as a white-glove approach—that doesn’t rely on a general retained recruiting formula. Instead, we work with your organization, gaining a deeper understanding of the type of talent that drives your success.

Our highest priority search, retained recruiting begins with an upfront engagement fee paid by the client and ends with a successful placement—after all, 99 percent of organizations successfully hire when they use imatters’ services.

In between, you can expect an experienced team of recruiters to continue building the necessary relationships, sourcing and hand-vetting candidates while providing you with continual communication and updates on the search.


  • Contact
  • Speed
  • Investment
  • Engagement Fee
  • Reference Check
  • Background Check
  • License / Certification Checks
Standard Priority
  • One Recruiter + Your Internal HR Team
  • Expedited
  • $
  • Yes
Standard Priority
  • Single Recruiter
  • Average
  • $$
  • No
High Priority
  • Multiple Recruiters
  • Priority
  • $$$
  • Yes


imatters uses the best aspects of retained recruiting and amplifies them—we create results while building on and enhancing the foundational aspects of recruiting that drive success. For instance, we aren’t in the one-and-done business. We provide access to roughly 30 percent more candidates, finding those top eyecare professionals who may not be actively seeking a change but can make a lasting difference on your team.

We don’t stop there either. Our retained recruiting model is our quickest search offering, reflecting the priority of your hire, and offers the longest candidate guarantee of any of our models, ensuring your continued success long after initial placement.

At imatters, we take an anti-corporate approach and throw out any rule books to ensure a true partnership and an agile approach fueled by real people.

A note on advertising services

In addition to retained recruitment built for you, imatters offers advertising services specific to your search.

We leverage the largest network of eye care connections built through years of eye care, ophthalmology and optometry recruitment excellence in order to target specific communities of highly-qualified candidates.

Much like our recruiting services, we offer a range of advertising services scalable to your exact needs. An investment in your hiring deserves excellent results, and regardless of which advertising direction you choose, you can rest assured that our distinct combination of experience and expertise will find the right talent for your open position.



In part three of this series, we’ll look at imatters’ concierge search offering, a model that builds on and improves upon traditional contingency recruitment.

At imatters, we have a range of services designed to fit the needs of your business and would love to be your eye care, ophthalmology and optometry recruitment partner. Reach out to our team and start filling your open positions today!

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