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Terms Of Use

Thank you for considering our referrals for your practice needs. The following norms will apply to any referral that imatters provides for this position as well as any other needs you may have in the future.
1. fees and expenses: Client agrees to pay imatters an upfront referral fee for posting career opportunities on the clients behalf.

2. For this referral fee, imatters agrees to post the career both on imatters job board, as well as eye care websites, social media, and general job board sites (examples, monster, simply hired. Glassdoor, Zip recruiter). As the candidates apply, imatters will review the resumes for industry experience, and contact information, before presenting to the client. These resumes are for your use, and not to be transferred or circulated to other practices or businesses. Our referral fee is non-refundable.
• Enhanced package: $899*– includes a 30 day post on imatters career board, 1,000’s of additional board postings including zip recruiter, Ihire and “get” network, eyecare specific associations, local and national boards and schools- social media for your career imatters linkedin and facebook groups, and 1 custom email and social campaign to our imatters network – this is your written ad with small revisions for key words. * costs to write custom ads are $125 additional. pictures for social media chosen by imatters and approved by client $49 each.
• Premium preferred package: $1299*– includes a 45 day post on imatters career board, 1,000’s of additional board postings including zip recruiter, Ihire, and the get network, Eyecare specific associations, local and national boards and ECP schools- social media for your career imatters linkedin and facebook groups, and 2 custom email campaigns to our network – this also includes 1 revision should there be a change in positions or locations and custom ad writing with key words and suggested feedback on your ad posting for your hiring goals.
*National criminal background checks will be available starting at the nominal fee of $40. *additional email blasts available ala carte $150 each

3. Confidentiality of referrals: all candidate referrals made by imatters are made on a confidential basis and Client shall hold imatters harmless from any liability resulting from Client unauthorized disclosure or misuse of information regarding any candidates or their candidacy.

4. Relationship clause: imatters has invested significant time and resources to develop relationships within the eye care community. The client understands that any negative comments or coercion to remove or dissolve the relationship between imatters and the candidate will be considered tortuous interference, should it be necessary to litigate. The costs of litigation and judgments awarded by the courts will be paid by the client.

5. Governing Laws: It is understood that this agreement is entered into and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida and the Orange County jurisdiction.

6. Client assumes all responsibility for referencing candidates and agrees to adhere to all Federal, State, and local regulations and affirmative acts concerning the recruitment, employment and hiring of individuals. imatters does not guarantee the performance of any candidate or the accuracy of information provided regarding a candidate, and disclaims any responsibility for claim, loss, or liability because of a candidate’s acts or omissions.

7. imatters is an equal opportunity employer/service and in accordance with federal and State laws refers all qualified candidates regardless of their sex, marital status, race, color, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental ability, medical condition, age, religion, veteran status or citizenship.

8. Better to avoid than to clean up the mess! While verbal and non-formal contractual agreements are legal, you do well to have a written agreement in the first place!

9. For any images that you have chosen to present to imatters – we will need to have expressed permission from you, your practice to publish any images that you wish to have attached to your campaign.

10. imatters will trust with the acceptance of your images that you have obtained express rights to reproduce these images – either paid or signed authorizations.

11. In an oopsie moment, with your signature and images that you have approved, should there be any issues, you and your practice will take complete responsibility for any actions from any party regarding the use of these images including any past fees, court fees, licensure fees, photographer fees to name a few.

12. Should imatters be counseled or charged for any fees for using images not authorized, you and your organization will be responsible including any attorneys’ fees, court fees, and license fees.

13. imatters goal is to increase your posting visibility with providing images that correspond to your ad placement – please double check any images on your social media, facebook, website are available for imatters to use.

14. Caveat: imatters has been hired to post a career, images provided to enhance your posting will be at the approval and provided by the client.

Optometrist/Ophthalmologist postings $400 additional

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