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How to Effectively Close Your Next Hire

How to Effectively Close Your Next Hire

There is nothing more frustrating than completing the interview process, finding the perfect candidate, putting together a job offer, and then having the person turn it down. While there are some reasons why a candidate may turn down a job offer that are outside of your ability to predict or control, there are a few you can control. Begin setting yourself up for success at the beginning of the process when you post the job. Check out our tips below on closing your next hire effectively.


Comparing Benefits & Salary

Providing a salary range can be hard to add to a job posting as it may be highly based on experience and does not take into account the amazing benefits you offer. If you feel comfortable sharing your salary, post it within your job description! If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a salary, try sharing a salary range or clearing outlining your benefits.

Outlining Your Benefits

Outline all your benefits (hard and soft) in your job posting, interview process, and the job offer. Sharing all your benefits with a potential employee could significantly affect a candidate’s salary needs and help you close your perfect candidate. Here is a list of some benefits you could list in your job posting. Need help writing the perfect job posting to attract your next hire, imatters can help.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Commission
  • Yearly or Holiday Bonuses
  • PTO and/or Paid Sick Time
  • % Coverage of medical/dental/vision insurance
  • Car Allowance
  • Time Allotment or Budget for Licensure or Continuing Education
  • Culture benefits like annual team outings


Negotiating Salary Based on Benefits

Most candidates have specific salary requirements in order to pay their bills and live the lifestyle of their choosing. However, not all candidates review the list of benefits when deciding on a job offer or salary.

During the interview, be sure to outline your benefits and how you feel they make your company a great place to work. After you share your benefits, ask the candidate, “Are you comfortable with our offered benefits package?” With this prompt, candidates may feel more comfortable letting you know how they compare to their current employer. To close a hire, you need to compare apples to apples and then demonstrate why your package is superior in growth as well as in the soft benefits. If any benefits are lacking compared to their current employer or needs/wants, you may need to offer a higher salary to effectively close that candidate. 


Review You Interview Process with Candidates

Scheduling the Interview

When you reach out to candidates to schedule the first interview, inform them about the details of your interview process. Include information like the number of interviews they can expect before a job offer is presented and the time frame you intend to make a decision. Sharing these expectations up-front will allow candidates to make career decisions if they happen to be interviewing with multiple practices.


Ending the Interview

From the candidate’s point of view, hearing “I have others to interview,” does not lead them to a positive ending. Instead close your interviews by thanking the candidate for their time and interest in your opportunity. Then offer to reach out with updates within 24- 48 hours. That gives the candidate time to think of questions, and you to think through their fit for the job.

As a bonus, 96% of job seekers say it is important to work for a company that embraces transparency! Sharing these details shows your practice is organized and communicates expectations and intentions.


Move & Close Candidates Quickly

The most common reason for declining a job is “I have already accepted another offer.” Sometimes this is unavoidable. However, if your interview process commonly takes 4+ weeks to complete, you have some room for improvement. While the timeline depends on the position, Glassdoor shares that the average interview process can take anywhere between eight and sixty days. Here at imatters. Our clients are more likely to hire within 1-3 weeks, cutting the time down considerably! Being on the lower end of this average will increase the likelihood that your ideal candidate will still be in the job-hunting process. Ready to hire the best candidate as quickly as possible, contact us today!


Have Formal Documentation

Presenting a formal offer letter on letterhead with the candidate’s name, start date, compensation, and benefits helps candidates feel appreciated and eliminates the potential for back and forth clarification questions. Additionally, include your employee handbook or other supporting documents to help answer any of your candidate’s questions. Including documentation about your practice further increases the level of transparency you are offering candidates during the interview process.

Finding the perfect candidate can be challenging. Working with imatters makes the process easier! We have you covered, from writing your job posting and finding your ideal candidate to scheduling interviews and checking professional references. If you need help finding a candidate, reach out today! 

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