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Create a Resume That Will Get You Hired

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Create a Resume That Will Get You Hired

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same rings true for creating a star resume. In any industry, you have the basics: certifications, education, experience and skills. But what about a resume that specifically targets the eye care industry? It’s not enough to simply pull together a resume you’ve used for every job you’ve ever applied for. Here’s a simple breakdown to create an eye-catching resume. 


  1. Organization

So much can be said about organizing and formatting your resume. Any resume, regardless of where you are applying, must look clean and professional. It’s recommended that no resume go over two pages but to be safe you should try to format your resume onto one page. 

Up at the top, your name, address and contact information should be up-to-date and visible. The rest of the information should be logical, meaning that your experience should be in chronological order. Any skills you add should be in alphabetical order. Education, programs you’re familiar with and organizations you’re part of should be secondary information but should still be ordered logically on the page. Avoid using work experience that doesn’t pertain to the position you would like to apply to, unless you’re just starting out and have no other experience yet. 


  1. Personalization

Before you get carried away, understand that personalizing your resume isn’t necessarily the kind of room for creativity most would want. While everyone would love to perfume their resume Elle Woods-style or print it on hot pink paper, when we say personalize we really mean updating and changing up your resume for each job you submit it to. 

For example, imagine you’re looking for an insurance billing position. Not every ophthalmology provider uses the same management program, clinical software or even accepts all insurances. Maybe one position is more likely to use a program you’re familiar with while another office uses another. It’s up to you to personalize your resume with an emphasis on certain skills and programs that can make your resume stand out. 


  1. Highlighting Experience

Resumes aren’t the place to down-play yourself. Take the time to really brag! Employers want to see competitive and competent applicants. Don’t be afraid to list out your skills and knowledge when it comes to certifications, equipment and programs—so long as you can fit it neatly into your resume. 

If you’re proficient in a second language, even if you’re just a conversational speaker, add it to your resume. Volunteer work, clubs and organizations should be added, too—they might just be a great talking point for whoever is taking a look at your resume. 



A great resume is an excellent first step, and we’re here to help you navigate those next steps in your career journey. Contact imatters today, and submit your resume to let us match you and your unique qualifications with industry-leading eye care organizations!

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