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The Interview – From the HR Perspective

As the administrator of an eyecare practice, hiring the right people is often your most difficult task. Of course, hiring front desk staff, technicians, and even opticians that stay forever would create a near-perfect environment, but you have accepted that perfect is hard to come by and roll with the punches.

When it comes to hiring an eyecare professional, however, your practice needs high-level, long-term continuity. You’re looking for a skilled professional, who excels in customer relations and intends to lay their roots in your community. Since, hopefully, you will be working together for a long time, finding the right person is crucial.

Partnering with a first-rate eyecare staffing firm takes care of the bulk of the work, but when they deliver several winning candidates, you still must conduct interviews and make the final decision. Following these guidelines will help ensure a wise choice.

Consider every aspect of the position and create an overview of the ideal candidate.

  • What level of education and experience are you seeking?
  • What soft skills are your biggest priority?
  • What type of candidate fits your practice’s mission, goals for the future?
  • What type of personality best fits your office culture?

Now, while keeping the picture of an ideal candidate in mind, pay attention to the following signals when you conduct the interviews.

  • Did s/he arrive on time and how was s/he dressed?
  • How did the candidate relate to current staff – beginning with the receptionist?
  • What message did the candidate send via body language, voice tone, eye contact, etc.?
  • Do his/her professional philosophies fit your mission and goals for the future?

Choose the right questions

  • Ask open-ended questions that require well-thought- out answers.
  • Request specific examples that verify their claims.
  • Ask what s/he believes they can bring to the table – how can s/he help your practice?
  • What are their work philosophies, long-term professional goals, and plans for continued training?
  • How does s/he handle conflict? Ask for specific examples from past employment situations.

Finally, after the interview is finished and the candidate has left, interview your current staff – their opinions and reactions can bring invaluable insight.

Taking a little more time for diligence while interviewing can save a lot of time and frustration later in the hiring process. imatters can help. After all, we’re all about people – our database is 150,000 strong and growing daily. We connect with the stars in the industry via our professionalism, confidentiality, and trusted relationships. Our name is synonymous with dedication, detail, and quality – our 97% successful placement rate says it all. Contact us today.

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