Winning the Interview Game

Congratulations! Your resume scored big, and now you are scheduled for an interview. While it’s your dream job, however, there’s more than one eyecare professional vying for the same spot. So, what can you do to stack the deck in your favor? In the end, it’s not just being a strong candidate – it’s being able to convey who you are, your hard – and soft – skills, expertise, experience, training, and personality to the interviewer(s). Consider these hot tips from imatters.


Preparation is an often overlooked or undervalued step, yet it is key to a successful interview.
Research the website. Understand the practice’s

  • History
  • Staff
  • Mission
  • Practice philosophies.
  • Specialties
  • Recent news and awards

Practice your elevator speech. This is a 2-minute candid, succinct summary of you (your answer to “Tell me about yourself”). It should reference your background – training and experience, abilities, personal traits, and personality, as well as your professional goals.

Prepare for questions – consider the typical questions, the not-so-typical, and the various angels before the big day. From questions about strengths and weaknesses to handling conflict to goals, determine what you want to convey.
Map your journey – Drive to the practice ahead to see exactly where it is, how long it will take to get there, where to park, etc.
Choose your attire – appearance can be everything. Follow business professional standards. Determine the typical dress for the practice and go up one step.

Day of Interview

Courtesy wins every time – yes, your attitudes and actions are as important as your skills and experience

  • Arrive a few minutes early.
  • Be nice to the receptionist – call him/her by name and dole out the same respect as you give the administrator.
  • Turn all mobile devices to vibrate and place them deep in your pocket or briefcase.

During the interview – smile and show enthusiasm for your profession.

  • Be authentic, genuine, expressing yourself with confidence
  • Give concise, complete answers – more than a yes or no – but don’t ramble.
  • Pay attention to body language.
  • Show an interest in the practice, their needs, goals, etc.

Ask questions when given the opportunity. They are a positive indication of your interest.

  • As interview closes, reiterate your interest
  • Share a brief overview of your specific skills and how they will support the practice.
  • Indicate that you are ready for the next step and ask what that step entails.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Send an email the same day, expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to interview. Include a brief, simple statement expressing your belief of a good fit.
Follow up with a written thank you – sent snail mail within 24 hours of the interview. Again, thank them for the interview opportunity. Summarize how your skills, sharing how the practice will benefit from your experience. Compliment the practice on specific areas.
Looking for that opportunity to interview? Contact imatters today. We specialize in taking your eyecare career to the next level.

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