Be Ready when things get back to “Business as Usual”

The Coronavirus has changed the job market overnight and has seriously impacted not only the economy but job security as well.  The good new is this there are certain sectors that will recover quickly and among the top is healthcare and healthcare workers.  During this trying and stressful time, there are many things you can do in your downtime to feel more productive and improve on your skills throughout this period of social distancing.

Take a couple days and evaluate you – what are your needs going forward?

Being furloughed or laid off is extremely unnerving and you may feel you should run home and start applying for open positions right away.  Although that may help you feel productive, we recommend just taking a few days to yourself. Use that time to speak with your friends and colleagues, even those in your professional networks.  Ask for letters of recommendations and think about what is best for you in this next phase of your life. You may talk to a few people who can guide you and you may even find someone who knows of upcoming positions you may be perfect for!  

There is a silver lining in all of this!  Many recruiting and HR professionals are still hiring for companies.  The healthcare industry is on the front line of this pandemic, those companies need more help whether you are a provider or in a role that supports the provider.  Reach out to your local hospitals and see what you may do to help. Many are accepting support role employees right now as they have been overwhelmed.

Continuing Education Credits needed?

What a great time to start working on your education and ensuring you have started, caught up or finished your requirements for your certification or license renewal.  There are many companies that are offering free CE’s right now and with the uncertainty of travel – check with your local organization, many are allowing online CE to take the place of the needed live trainings to keep everyone current and ready to come back once this passes – with a little less pressure on you.

Start or update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with as well as find professionals in the same industry and/or position as you.  Not only connect to these people but join groups that have these professionals in them. This is the perfect way to see what others are doing during this time of uncertainty, gain some insight AND great career advice.  There is something to be said about networking and, knowing the right people can always get you one step closer to the next phase of your career.

Apply for unemployment now!

As more workers are applying for unemployment benefits, the US Department of Labor has issued guidance that gives states flexibility granting those benefits to workers affected by the pandemic. Unemployment insurance is run jointly by the state and federal government, so while the application procedure can vary by state the overall process and eligibility requirements are the same.

This will relieve some of the stress associated with the furlough of lay off while giving you the piece of mind you will have some help coming for everyday expenses.  Check out your local agency for their guidance.

What to do if you were already searching for employment?

Don’t get discouraged.  The job market was at an all-time high before COVID 19 and this too shall return.  Don’t stop searching or applying for the open positions. Although the hiring process may have slowed down, that does not mean your resume will not be reviewed and you won’t be called in as soon as they are able to conduct the interview.  Delaying the application process now, will only delay the time in gaining new employment. You may be surprised to get a phone call for a job you applied for a month ago!

Lastly and most importantly – YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

We are all in the same boat.  Jobs that are still working right now may slow sown as well.  This is a hiccup and as hectic as this is, you need to take care of yourself, your family and your needs right now and this will ensure you are in a great position when you do get the call for the perfect position.

imatters is here for you!  We are hiring and expect that to increase even more shortly.  Send us your resume, reach out for advice and when you are ready – we can help you make that next step even easier for you.  We will guide you through the whole process and be here for you as much as you need us!