In modern-day society, social media is playing a larger role in the average hiring process. At every minute of the day, we have the screens at our fingertips. Distractions galore! Or are they? According to a recent survey conducted by Society of Human Resources (SHRM) last year, 84% of organizations are currently recruiting on social platforms.

The industry is reshaping as hiring managers are constantly identifying top talent by networking and searching for the best candidates on social platforms. It is fair enough to say that with the continual increase of new technology, the recruitment process has been revolutionized. Today, if you are searching for eye care professionals, social media engagement and online presence is a must.


Passive Candidates. The 75%. They LOVE Social Networks

Working with candidates on a digital basis allows you to tap into a market of professionals that otherwise would fall below the wayside. There are two different types of candidates that exist: passive applicants and active applicants.

The question is: who are they? Better yet, what do they do? Passive candidates are those who are employed and are not actively searching for a job. They are everywhere on social media! Active candidates are those who are on the go – constantly sending out their resumes to hiring managers, looking up job ads, and eager to obtain a career.

imatters has the largest proprietary database of active and passive eye care professionals. Although 75% of our industry are passive candidates, it is critical for them to stay up to date on opportunities and industry updates. Passive candidates dont just go out looking for a career but they are typically open to a career opportunity when they do happen to come across one in their network. Only 12% of candidates are actively looking through job boards or other means. To tap into the rest of the market, we need to properly position ourselves with career updates and strategic content postings and locations.


Whether or not a candidate is actively looking for a change, a passive candidate will entertain a career when they can clearly see that it is a growth opportunity. We all know progress and transition are keys to success in the professional environment, therefore we dedicate ourselves catapulting our candidates into their new seasons of personal and professional growth.

Engage Candidates on Their Own Time

While others are off the clock, we’re not. We value commitment and recognize that individual attention is not a gift solely given from 9-5 on weekdays. It extends far beyond the time when everyone else clocks out and put an end to their work day. How can you expect your candidates to commit their off times if you wont? While candidates relax and spend time with their families on the weekends, it is imperative to remain in the loop.

Engaging candidates on their own time is critical to establishing a trusting relationship, not to mention that’s usually when they are available to chat! imatters achieves this by consistently broadcasting our careers online, networking with our candidates and making sure our clients needs are met. Our platforms are continuously being updated with new listings and when were not posting, we are available and chatting whenever our candidates are! Whether it’s 7 A.M on a Saturday or 10 P.M on a Monday, imatters is dedicated to providing that extra component of availability.

Individual attention should be at the top of your list and social media is the best way to relate and engage with your candidates. The focus should be on building and maintaining relationships and we understand not everyone has the time to do it. imatters doesn’t find jobs for people, we find careers for friends.

Paid Advertising

Over 500 million active professionals rely on LinkedIn and over 1 billion users are on Facebook. Think of your perfect employee. Got them in mind? Well they are on social media. And yes, you can target them. Have a narrow demographic that you’re interested in hiring? With paid advertising, you can easily filter them by job title, location, age and a number of other criteria. Through paid advertising on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, you are able to send hyper-filtered advertisements to your target audience. You don’t need hundreds of candidates, you just need the right ones!

Campaigning through these social networks will help you catch those ideal candidates. While LinkedIn focuses more on professional qualifications and skills, Facebook advertising actually holds more niche advantages. It allows you to target users according to not only their demographics but also their expressed interests. Facebook also allows you to track performance metrics that can help you measure ROI. The platform is great at showcasing numbers such as the amount of times your ad was shown, the number of clicks the post received, and the costs per likes.


Groups and Pages

If you haven’t realized by now, networking is very important. Through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, there are opportunities to target our community through specific pages and groups that eye care professionals are a part of. imatters stays connected and engaged with over 300 groups and pages reaching an audience of over 500,000 industry professionals. Posting your career in the exact spots where eye care professionals are actively engaging gives a huge visibility boost. Not to mention it builds your reputation. Utilizing our network of partners and preferred relationships, we make sure to give your career the exposure that it deserves by hand posting it in every corner of the social media universe!

You matter here at imatters! Social media is just one of the tools needed to build your success; imatters utilizes industry leading technology, continuing education and a combined 75 years in eye care to bring you top notch candidates. A manner, style and strategy that drives a placement success rate of 97% over 15 years and counting – we invite you to the imatters experience.