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For your critical need hires. Guaranteed candidate success with step by step client coaching and consultation.

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  • imatters recruits for all professional eye care positions
  • Our staff of certified recruiters and industry experts have personal experience in the eye care industry.
  • We understand the concepts and context of the eye care industry.
  • We assess every client’s hiring needs and ideals, tailoring our solutions specifically to them
  • Through our customized, proactive strategies, we match the best and the brightest candidates to your specific needs – based on experience, skill sets, and personal chemistry.
  • Guarantee of integration. Our 97% success rate

Here’s how it works.

  • Our ad team will write a compelling ad using specific keywords for maximum visibility
  • We will advertise your career in every corner of the eye care industry from national boards to industry specific forums, associations, alumni networks
  • E-BLAST your career to our database of over 150,000 eye care professionals. Your career will go out to all of imatters social media as well as private pages, groups and forums.
  • We will call our friends and family, networking to find the perfect match for your career.
  • We go a step further and do everything. Preparing and scheduling your candidates for interview, employment verification and personal references, background checks and a recruiter for consultation. It’s simply the best way to hire high quality candidates.

While other recruiters send you candidates and leave you in the dark, imatters takes you step-by-step through the hiring process. From full desk recruiting to partnered hiring, imatters has the solution to fit your budget.

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The largest in eye care. 150,000 active and passive ECPs. Your career in front of qualified top performing industry professionals.


97% success rate. With our guarantee of integration, your new hire will grow with your practice for years to come.


Our certified recruiters are experienced in Ophthalmology, Optometry, Corporate and clinical placements.


Our proprietary staffing technologies allow our recruiters to capture and engage the perfect candidates within hours!