imatters leads in eye care recruiting with a 97% success rate over 15 years! We work exclusively in eye care ensuring that we know the business inside and out- introducing our friends and connections who we know will be a good fit for your practice.
Traditional recruiters and recruiting methods are no longer effective. Imatters realizes that it takes a multifaceted approach and provides both recruiting services and a job board reaching over 1,000 locations. imatters provides our candidates with a hands on, boutique experience ensuring that we develop a relation of trust and confidentiality. With 80% of the industry already working, recruiting passive eye care professionals is key. Other recruiters do not provide candidates with the same level of confidence, giving imatters and our clients the upper hand when talking with candidates. With imatters, you only get the best. See candidates that would never apply to an unknown public listing!
imatters has been attending trade shows, networking with eye care professionals and coaching our network through career advising and continuing education for over 15 years. We are opticians, technicians, photographers, sales reps and administrators. We bring our industry expertise and contacts to you. With a database of over 150,000 eye care professionals considering career changes as well as our preferred relationships with over 1,500 industry and national job board vendors, we have the reach required to find the perfect candidate for your career.
We often have clients that think it’s more effective to staff on their own. Once you think about the time and effort it really takes to sort through the hundreds of resumes, publish and maintain postings on over 1,000 job boards, network with all the potential candidates, conduct reference checks, background screenings, professional referencing and candidate coaching the value really starts to stand out. On your own, you can only scratch the surface. You will receive only active candidates that are out of work or actively sending their resumes to many practices. Without a relationship in place, the ability to talk to working ECPs goes out the window. Not taking into account the industry boards that are inaccessible without a preferred relationship, posting to all of the imatters job network alone would cost more than our most expensive advertising solution!
Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for the best candidate your money can buy, imatters has a solution for you. From low budget job board advertising to fully retained recruiting services we’ve made sure to offer solutions for all needs and budgets. Choose your solution based on your needs and budget without compromising your campaign- unlike other services, imatters will deliver a boutique experience each and every time, regardless of which solution is right for you!