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at imatters, you matter. we deliver confidential connections with the best practices in the eyecare profession across the United States. from simple to major changes, imatters is your career resource. to put it succinctly, we focus on your career journey, offering vital tips and tools to ensure your success. Informational blogs, career consultations, interview tips and coaching, and career alerts specific to each candidate’s preferred area.

your career matters. begin a new phase in your journey now. explore our job board and apply. call us (866.412.4115) or contact us today. imatters has the resources.insight.experience to move your career forward.

Experienced Professionals

imatters has the experience you need. our staff background includes ophthalmology, optometry, clinical research, and corporate knowledge. we understand recruiting – we understand the eyecare industry. imatters is the leading eyecare staffing firm in the nation because we start – and finish – right. that’s why 97% of our placed candidates successfully integrate.

Zero Cost

cost of services to candidate? zero. zilch. zippo. enough said.

Career Growth

imatters believes your career matters. we provide vital tips and tools to make it happen. whether you remain in your general area or move across the country, when you choose imatters, you choose growth.

No Risk Confidentiality

imatters understands confidentiality. we make it a priority. not only will we protect your resume and personal information, but we also ensure that our clients respect your privacy. you control the reins – we never submit a resume without your permission. imatters focuses on moving your career forward – we don’t jeopardize your present position.

Candidate FAQ

imatters is the largest community of eye care professionals. We represent the top practices and institutions from around the US to bring you the best careers in the eye care industry.

imatters works for our clients just like you. we are paid by the client and you owe us nothing!

Your relationship imatters is completely confidential. your resume will only be presented to the clients you are interested in working with.

Visit or submit your resume to

Very rarely our clients may ask for a per diem or part time employee but for the most part these are exceptional career opportunities with plenty of room for growth.

Once we receive your application, we will review your resume against the career. We will then reach out to schedule an interview or introduce you to our client.

We get thousands of resumes a day and we try to contact as many candidates as we can throughout the process but there are just not enough hours in a day to call everyone! If you feel like we missed you, give us a call at 866.412.4115 and one of our recruiters would love to have a chat! (Additionally, check your spam folders in case we emailed you)


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