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Candidate Keywords: How to Stand Out in an ATS world

What is ATS you ask?  It stands for Automated Tracking System and it has changed the landscape of hiring and job searches forever.  ATS can scan an entire database of candidates and present the employer with the best matched applicants to focus their attention on based solely on keyword search.  So, you can spend [...]

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The Danger of a Bad Candidate Experience

With employment at the highest it has been in years, no longer are candidates running to fill positions they would have potentially taken in the past.  While it is our job to fill the open position with the best candidate, candidates are also looking into multiple positions and assessing to pick the best employer [...]

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What to do in Your Down Time – Be Ready when things get back to “Business as Usual”

Be Ready when things get back to “Business as Usual” The Coronavirus has changed the job market overnight and has seriously impacted not only the economy but job security as well.  The good new is this there are certain sectors that will recover quickly and among the top is healthcare and healthcare workers.  During [...]

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