Charisse Toale

Charisse Toale, MBA. I embody the vision and the success of your journey. Each journey is unique and exclusive as is mine. I grew up in the eye industry from front desk in an od practice, through to sales/production for branded products which include: Nike, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein. You taught me what was important and my journey is as important as yours. While I have practiced as Front Desk Clerk, Ophthalmic Technician, Optician, Manager and Administrator, I had professors teaching me the ways of the world from Jamaica, Japan, Germany and France. I have lived in 6 countries and learned one thing, all that matters is you.

This is your journey, and we work with the best guidesmans to take you through the un-knowns until you are ready to become the journeyman. imatters was created to be that guide, and we are dedicated to make this process a successful education process for your next journey.

Charisse has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a Masters of Science degree in Business Management with a concentration in International Business. She also maintains certifications from the American Board of Opticians and The National Contact Lens Examiners.