The imatters Client Advantage

Why We Have Candidates You Don’t.

Two-thirds of our workforce won’t reply to ads – they’re fearful of losing their current jobs. At the same time, they want to know about job opportunities. imatters acts as the buffer they need to “test the waters” without jeopardizing their livelihoods. When a great opportunity comes along, they’re ready to act.

Active Industry Networking.

Our active networking keeps our finger on the pulse of opportunities in the industry. Our candidates know this and lean on our staff for answers to industry questions, promotion recommendations, and available career  opportunities.

Quality Candidates, Not Quantity.

Your staffing odyssey ends when you narrow down the field of candidates to the best two or three.
That’s where imatters starts. We screen and re-screen and get to know each candidate, and because we know your world intimately, we recommend only the few that fit the bill.

Controlled Client Selection.

To ensure the integrity of our network, we feature only those clients who meet imatters’ requirements. By taking our client selection seriously, our candidates take our career opportunities seriously. The result – a win-win.

Even Our Fees are Tailored To You.

imatters understands that your practice has specific staffing needs.  with this in mind, we’ve designed a fee structure that allows you to choose the number of services and level of involvement that we provide:

  • Full Service – Want to eliminate all the hassles from your next hire?  With our full service solution, you receive the best candidate matches to your job-scope and a guarantee of employee integration, all with personal representation throughout the entire process.
  • Blended Service – With imatters blended service, we work hand in hand with you throughout the process of hiring. This service affords the opportunity for your participation in the process in exchange for a reduced fee.
  • imatters2 Basic – Designed to help you efficiently find skilled candidates, we partner our 85,000 candidate network with the best of all resources, turning your job ad into dynamic media exposure – all for a low flat fee.

Helping Make Your Practice Perfect.

Because of our broad industry experience and exposure, imatters also offers:
• Customized training programs
• Consultants and industry experts to handle your specific needs
• The latest patient-management technologies
• Education for your practice and staff
• Industry specific education scholarships to create your next best and brightest