IM sold.

Here’s what a few of our candidates have to say about their experience with us:

There is nothing better than working with true professionals. Not only did they give me the right job, we discussed my skills today and where I want to be in the future. imatters found the practice that fit both my needs on a daily level, and a practice that wanted to help me be a better technician.

cherilyn | Arizona

My favorite part of working with imatters was the kindness I received. The team at imatters worked with me to determine the type of practice that I would best fit, was truthful regarding the doctor and staff which gave me a better understanding of the company, and prepared me for my interview. I met people versus a process and learned about personalities and job descriptions before my interview which made me a better fit for them. Thank you for the wonderful experience. I love my job!

Susan  | Florida

While I attended a local community college, they expressed upon my graduation, that I would be at the top of my profession, and truth was… I was not. I wrote imatters in hopes that my education expenses would be offset with attending another class solely related to my refracting, imatters came through with the monies needed to make my career a success. Today I am working with an exceptional practice that values my refracting skills as well as my personality (they found me the right position too!) I’m the best, thanks to imatters.

Delaney  | Texas

I just wanted everyone to know how wonderful your service has been in helping me find a great career in management within the optical field. Your company’s wealth of knowledge and its ability to match employee to employer has made a believer out of me. I could always count on the imatters team for information and support in a timely fashion and would recommend them for anyone who is looking for high quality employment or has the need for quality employees.

Michael  | Florida

I called and told you about my skills and the type of environment that works best for my talents, and you found it! Keep up the great work! I see you have helped many people in this field, and I understand why imatters is the best around!

Karen  | New York

I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done on my behalf. What a pleasure it is having a true team captain. I expected a sugar coated view of the practice that i was interviewing with. I found that imatters really interpreted the practice, benefits and what to expect to an “i” not a “t”.

Julie  |  Illinois – the cold country

My experience with imatters was above and beyond what I expected. I’ve worked with a couple agencies and imatters was a very pleasant experience. Very friendly staff who would promptly return my phone calls as well as answer any questions I may have had. It was a pleasure working with imatters, thank you. Everything is going well, I really enjoy working with everyone at the clinic and I’m having a great time. Thank you for your assistance with finding me a great job and company to work for!

Forrest  | Washington

Your suggestions made this the most enjoyable interview process I have ever had. I really had fun and now realize that while I have always been fairly successful at interviewing in the past, I have always managed to undervalue myself and actually negotiate myself into a lesser salary. I can hardly express my gratitude at how marvelously the entire process has been. If I ever find myself in the position of looking for another job in the future or if I know anyone else who is looking I will be certain to tell them about imatters. You guys are GREAT!! Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

Janet  |  California