How to choose a new practice and should you use a recruiter?

optiproRecruiters are like air traffic controllers, we are working with clients that are hiring, and candidates that have become available,  a good recruiter takes into consideration both the client (practice) as well as the candidate ( employee)

it all starts with you, at the helm making a decision on your best future,  a good recruiter has been trained to evaluate you – and your goals, and what your new career holds in growth, development, and success. we learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and thoughts. so be really frank with us.. as we will direct you based on your information.

whether you use a recruiter or not – my tips for your best success.

tips for choosing your new practice include, location, life balance and longevity

- coming out of school or being a long term physician, the location will be essential to your success.

-location,  its nice to make 1 million dollars but live in the worst place ever, and hate the patients that you care for.  (best places to practice)

so lets take a moment and create a list for everything for your best placement.

- lifestyle, what do you like to do before and after work?  are there reasonable accommodations to recharge yourself?

- have family, friends, and loved ones been considered in the relocation.

- longevity is essential: while there are big boxes, big corporations and little practices.  determine what environment you would prefer to practice in  - long term.

look for strategic advantages to joining a practice or corporation, from the engagement with other physicians to learning new ways to perform at your best.

long term placements in our industry mean you are always learning, and adapting.

- look for progressive development within the practice.  

my  personal formula for assessing a new client -imatters represents the top 20% in the eyecare industry ( your future employer) :

old equipment = no progression and/or Paper charts = no progression

that usually means financial issues or lack of motivation.  ( sorry to be harsh!)

growth, what does the practice offer in growth and support.

what is the culture of the practice like? do that provide assistance in growing your future, offer incentives like bonuses, or do they pay a higher wage to avoid any “soft selling”

benefits, the hidden gem- make no decisions without a full understanding of the benefits to you and your costs. it can make a $10- 50k difference in your income.

if the practice is working with a recruiter- what to look for:

how is that firm being hired – there are 3 types of choices:

- retained by the employer - this gives the recruiting firm a “head start” on finding candidates, and making more information available right from the start, such as the employer name, location, almost transparent in information. but the recruiter again is not paid in full until placement.

service provided by the employer- the best ever! this means the client       ( employer) has hired the firm to review the candidates available, make recommendations on the best choices, and assist in long term placement               ( imatters services provided by employer, aka 100% paid) 

- contingency - means the recruiter is not paid until a placement is made – that can be dicey, given the recruiter tends to sell a job not a career.  they may not have your best interest in mind.

now we have not addressed those firms that cost you the hire (candidate)  a fee. 

there are many firms that will take your information and circulate it to prospective employers, this is dicey too. as you may have to pay a fee for finding the career, or even worse, not be able to get a job because the firm did this.          ( this will be addressed in my next post)

 imatters works with top notch practices throughout the US, we provide confidentiality to yourself in your search, as well as the most amount of  information for you to make the best decision on your career!  contact imatters at 866.412.4115 or visit our website blog for more tips!

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